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The Happiness [People] Coach

A spiritual being, having a human experience, in a corporate world

Spiritual but pragmatic, inspirational yet practical, Gaelle combines the best of corporate and self-improvement coaching, giving clients an empathetic ear who understands struggle and overcoming obstacles. A veteran of business, customer and employee experience, Gaelle’s passion is bringing her clients into balance with their truest selves, giving them an inner strength to become transformational leaders.

17 years of experience climbing the corporate ladder to top management positions with major brands in Fashion/Luxury

Internationally-respected for corporate culture creation, reporting directly to CEOs

Established Customer Experience & in-house coaching at IWC Schaffhausen.

A trained empath who intuitively understands where the work needs to happen for each individual and teams

Master’s degree in Marketing & Communication @ Golden Gate San Francisco

Holistic Coach (life and executive) @ Danielle Brault International. ICF Certified.

Founder & Creator of FLOW @ WORK and FLOW 4 YOU

A mom to fraternal twins who had to learn by trial-and-error and is now ready to share her sanity-saving secrets

I failed many times and got up even stronger…continuing my path. Whatever I dream of, manifests. Doors close yet new ones open. The question isn’t about if I can do it, it is about when it will happen. My mission is to help you achieve the same reality.

Gaelle Devins

The Happiness [People] Coach Approach

Bringing people and teams into flow for optimal performance

Using team-tested strategies, clients renew their perspectives. Our past creates who we are today, the experiences of our life color our actions and outlooks. Rather than using quick, temporary fixes and stopgaps, my coaching digs deeper to create real, long-lasting change.

When you’re given the chance to begin to see things differently, the sabotaging defaults of our past can be quieted, allowing the essence of our true gifts to shine through.

I’ve devised a practical approach to help clients eliminate these limiting thoughts to break through to the happiness at the heart of their being. Here, they become inspired, energized and empowered to be their best self, at work and in all facets of their lives.

Gaelle is a Corporate Leader Building People-Centered Unified Teams


It’s easy for teams to fall into autopilot, repeating the same conflicts and obstacles. Leaders need a co-navigator to help them introduce new paradigms, see team dynamics in a new light and build positive momentum to begin seeing life’s opportunities rather than just obstacles.


A proven methodology to remove mental blocks, allowing energy to flow more freely. Something magical happens when we are aligned within ourselves — obstacles disappear, resistances vanish, and life becomes easier.


Have you ever experienced the power when someone is fully engaged doing what they love? Discover the passions that can fuel happiness and greater productivity. Begin to view team challenges from a place of strength and understanding.

Think of how good it would feel to experience FLOW @ WORK and FLOW 4 YOU, knowing you’re aligned with your passions and your truest self in all areas of life.

Transform into the Transformational Leader Who Achieves & Inspires

Imagine leading an energized team, creating impact and an environment that brings out the natural potential in each individual you work with. Picture less tension and worry and more communication and energy.

Great leaders are not born, they learn to remove their own mental obstacles to empower their teams with empathy and understanding. Productivity becomes natural and passion grows!