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Your Team

Bring Meaning and Flow to the Workplace

Create an Open Environment that Encourages Creativity and Communication

My program takes a unique approach to corporate coaching, working with both individuals and the group in the context of the team. Exercises and consulting bring people and teams into flow for optimal performances. With a focus on mindset and authentic growth, each session is a unique opportunity to create a renewed environment that fosters team unification and increased dedication and productivity.

Does your team need a mental reboot? Life stressors, unresolved mindset issues that sabotage team cohesion and gaps between leadership and staff. These are all common corporate obstacles that keep businesses from achieving greater successes.

Experience your team’s full potential with this ground-breaking program that takes a unique approach, energizing your team and creating transformational leaders.

This program is available for corporate teams or executive leaders on an individual basis.

Leaders Can Become Transformational for their Teams

As a leader, you aspire to raise the awareness of consciousness within your team, bringing out their best potential and creating an open, communicative environment. How can you do that? My program encourages both self-awareness and external awareness that allows a greater understanding of how your interactions and communication impact others.

Learn to stand up for your team, earn that trust and activate your company’s core values. Your inner work promotes self-learning and personal growth, role modeling for your team, introducing healing strategies in the workplace, and nurturing your most valuable leadership tool: empathy.

Your Employee Experience is Your Customer Experience. So, what about bringing CXE to your organization? Let’s make it an inspiring and uplifting journey. It has and will always be about the PEOPLE.


As a team or for singular leaders, Gaelle presents the steps to align teams with their most productive selves. Beginning with transformational leadership, Gaelle teaches leaders how to manage with the power of compassion and empathy. She then guides teams into a renewed sense of purpose and passion with a corporate-tested strategy for finding FLOW @ WORK.

*If you are not a current client, please book a free consultation! You can book your 30-minute complimentary session with Gaelle here.