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Expecting Twins?

WOW you are expecting twins! What an amazing blessing, but also an experience that is unique on its own. As you will soon discover, your experience from pregnancy to the return home will have unique challenges that those around you, simply cannot understand or guide you on. This class is for twin parents that are looking to understand how to best manage this amazing experience during their pregnancy and into the first year.

A mother of fraternal twins with 15 years plus of international experience in
management positions, I have leveraged my coaching and mentoring skills to support twin parents along this incredible journey. Knowing first-hand how unique and at times lonely this experience can be, my therapy has been to create this course to give twin parents as much support to make it – at least in the planning – a bit easier.

This class is split into 3 main parts:

  • Part 1 / Prenatal: A twin pregnancy is NOT the same as a single pregnancy
  • Part 2 / Countdown: Preparing your home and life for twin parenthood
  • Part 3 / Return home: Tips and tricks to make your life easier and warning signs for post partum, maternal or paternal.

In each part, I will explain what to expect and share some helpful tips to save you some time when there will not be any to spare.

Yes, having twins is intense – intense in love and can be intense and challenging in many other ways. It’s for those times that I would like to be there for mamas.


This workshop is designed to support Twin Parents in practically setting their home and routine in the most efficient way. Reading books and understanding the theory behind what is supposed to happen will help massively. Yet to actually put it to test before coming back home with your two monkeys is even more important and reassuring.

I had understood the What, the How to make it happen was actually where it became really hard. If we had been offered the chance to set up our routine, and have a series of practical exercices on how to handle tandem feeding breast or bottle, tandem changing nappiez, tandem feeding purée, it would have saved us a lot of aches.

To be twice ready before the return home will leave you more time to recover and catch up with your sleep.

  • 4 hours. Usually split into 3 sessions throughout the week to allow for the material to be gathered in between and organized at home. Tailored around specific needs.
  • Workshop Price €550

Individual coaching sessions

Are you in need of “me time”to reconnect, rebalance or energize? Has the birth of your twins triggered personal issues? Unclear on what is next? Looking for a sense of direction? … whatever your reason may be, book your session with me and give yourself permission to simply BE.

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